Thursday, 7 February 2013

George Lois v Don Draper

It's been said many times that George Lois was one of the Madison Ave figures that Don Draper was based on.

Hell they even look alike in the pic above.

Old George is a towering figure. One of the greats.  But unlike me he's not a fan of Draper or Mad Men as this biting quote shows:

"When they announced that the show was going to be about ‘the incredible period of the advertising industry in the 1960s,’ everybody thought it was going to be about me. All over the world I’m called ‘the original mad man.’

My bitch about it is the fact that it’s a show about a bunch of scum bags. All they do is screw the secretaries, drink themselves to death, smoke themselves to death and produce piss advertising.

And this is happening during the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights movement and women’s liberation? All the important things going on in the world and they’ve got that piss-ass show?"