Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Product placement by The Boss

Music fans across the globe are talking about the performance of Bruce Springsteen at the Super Bowl the other day.

I was listening to The Word podcast on my way home tonite and they described it as the best half time Super Bowl entertainment ever.

Let's face it - It wouldn't be hard to top Janet Jackson's boob incident. Now would it?

The guys from The Word said Bruce hit the ground running without a let up in energy for the full 4 song performance.

Given the nature of the Super Bowl audience, I'd have thought it would have been a greatest hits set. It wasn't.

It was however a cleverly put together collection of classics with one new song squeezed in. A song from the just released Springsteen album Working for a dream.

The day after the Super Bowl that album was top of the Amazon and iTunes charts.

When asked to comment about his performance Bruce said that he'd done it to promote his new album.

With the chart success it appears to have worked.

Chalk one up for The Boss I say.

Actually let's chalk up two. One for promotional innovation in an industry in decline.

And another for racking up sales much higher than even he would have anticipated.

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