Monday, 12 March 2007

What a croc

It seems to me that the people at Nike may well have fallen victim to Chinese whispers.

Somehow the statement “Crocs are selling like hot cakes we should do something similar” has resulted in Nike producing a pair of Air Force One crocs.

Problem is the only thing the new Nikes have in common with Crocs is the word croc.

Crocs as we all know are ugly plastic shoes whose popularity remains a mystery.

The Nike shoes are limited edition Air Force Ones made out of crocodile skin.

As you can imagine the leather hating Croc wearing folks from the National Animal Welfare Society are not happy.

“What a horrific and objectionable way of making money,” said spokesman Nick Rudge.

Here’s hoping the rumour that Nike are about to make an Anaconda shoe remains little more than a rumour.