Sunday, 25 March 2007

Pioneer of beta testing

We hear a lot about beta testing in the new marketing age.

The likes of Blogger and Flickr are just two of many success stories that started out in beta.

In my mind Neil Young is one of the unsung pioneers of beta testing. He’s never been afraid to try new things or fail in public.

His recently released Live at Massey Hall is a great example of Neil beta testing material.

Of the eighteen songs in his set, ten of them were not only unreleased, but also unrecorded at that time.

The concert recording dates from 1971, yet some of the songs he performed didn’t appear on record until 72, 73 and as late as 74.

I know Neil and his voice can be something of an acquired taste, but if you consider yourself a ‘new marketer’ then the least you can do is take a listen to the finest piece of beta testing I’ve ever heard.

Click here for more info on Neil at Massey Hall.